10 Tips for Creating a Website for Lawyers

Visibility is the internet today is a tool that should not be underestimated. Although there may be skeptics with the subject, in the world of law there is a high rate of people who seek services through the Internet. A suitable website for lawyers can be the perfect meeting point between your clients and your office.

Knowing this, you have to be aware of the importance it can have. One in which the lawyer’s own lip cannot be used, but the differentiating characteristics that he has can be glimpsed. That is why I offer here a series of tips to create a website that helps us achieve this purpose.

10 Tips for Creating a Website for Lawyers

1. Take into account the Hosting

For those who are missing the hosting is the hosting of a web page. A series of aspects that must be taken into account will depend on the type we choose. It influences, for example, the loading speed of any of the pages on your website, which, in turn, will influence the positioning. For Google, as can be expected, a slow website is not recommended and is considered a nuisance. While a quick one is of great use to users. Also, another interesting factor is security. A reliable hosting will imply that the page does not “fall” easily so that it is always operational. Otherwise, the advantage that the web offers by being a service that you offer to the client 24 hours, you lose.

2. Study SEO

When we create a web page the most obvious objective is for it to be visited. In order to achieve this, it is always advisable to carry out an SEO study with which to position it as best as possible. To do this, use tools that will greatly facilitate your work, specifically Google AdWords can be a great idea. This will help you find which are the keywords in your professional sector that are most searched by Google. You will be able to know the price of placing an ad for some of those words, suggestions of others that are related, what are those of your competitors.

The logo of any company is its symbol. You need to create one that identifies you and, in the long run, makes your potential customers recognize you. That is why it is not a point of little relevance if not of vital importance. In it you can include graphic elements or symbols, in addition to the font that is recommended to accompany it.

4. Create a custom design

It is obvious to anyone that the design of the web has to be personalized. A website focused on the sale of clothing should never be the same as one in which you are offering this type of service. Your website has to be aimed at your audience so that it is easy for them to use and that they consider what they are seeing attractive at all times. In addition, the web has to convey confidence and security, and more so in the case that concerns us. And, above all, it must be serious and reflect that the work you are offering is useful and of quality.

In this section it is important to mention the creation of the menu. You need one that is simple and clear, that makes the task of looking for a specific service as easy as possible. By organizing the information well, you will make it reach more people and that what you are working on creating content is valued.

5. Give value to your text

The website is a cover letter and the accompanying text is what will really make you known. There is no one who knows the service you offer better than you. But to be able to transmit it you have to write a text that reflects it and that is of value in any case. In addition, it will be very useful when it comes to positioning yourself in search engines.

Don’t think about copying from other websites or taking it lightly. The best thing is that you provide concrete and specific data that respond to the most frequent questions within your legal field and that help to better understand the service you offer. Also use simple words that are easy to understand for your specific audience, but without forgetting legal terminology. You can even add a glossary for the latter to help the reader.

6. Show personal photos

Photographs of personnel or equipment are often desired and this is recommended. It usually helps the client to feel more confident and closer to the office. In addition, it has been shown to increase the time spent on the website. Of course, it is very important that they be quality photographs. If it is within your means, it is even more recommended that you invest in a professional photographer. He can even take portraits of all the staff by creating a section on the web that allows him to meet each member of the team.

In addition, there is the possibility of including photographs of the office. In this case, you have to take into account the type of premises you have. If it has a good presence, it can favor the transmission of that quality that is so necessary for this type of sector. But again, have a professional if possible. It will always be money well spent.

7. You need a blog

You can create a web page and never update it again, but this is never going to be a good idea. In order to position your blog, it is necessary that you have continuously updated content and for this you need a blog. With it you can create personalized content through original articles if possible written by yourself.

As an addition, a blog will allow you to share content on your social networks. In this way, you will generate interest which will allow you to be known within your sector and get potential clients. If possible, create interaction between your followers, let them comment on your post or your tweets, and get closer to you.

8. Images from image banks

The use of images from image banks, such as those from Shutterstock, is always recommended for their high quality, which makes any text enjoyable to read. In your blog, you have to use images that are related to the text they accompany. It is also recommended to always avoid those that are more common and try to use these images as a differentiating element of your website.

9. Facilitate contact

One of the most sought-after options within any type of website is contact with the person who runs it. Either to obtain information on the service, price, previous cases … That is why it is very important to facilitate contact with anyone who wishes. The phone and email of the office must be easily visible, for this it is best that it is at the bottom of the web if possible permanently. Likewise, it is interesting that the social networks of the office also have a strategic place within the page.

An idea that can be of great value is to place a form. In it, you can collect any information that may be of interest to you as well as giving the option to leave a question. However, it must be borne in mind that it is common for people to be reluctant to leave numerous data, whatever their nature.

And finally, it can be helpful to include a subscription to your blog. This can include exclusive content or with it, you can make special offers to your subscribers. In this way, you can get hold of a database of potential clients. With them, you can carry out email marketing strategies, which we have already addressed on this website.

10. Renew or die

It is a mistake to create a website and think that its design will be undefined. Fashions change and while at present the use of minimalist designs is usually encouraged, it is possible that in the not too distant future this will change. Do not forget that the web is created by and for customers. You have to adapt to the needs and tastes of the potential people who are going to visit your page. If you want to have a presence in search engines and maintain it, you have to maintain your website and take this into account in your budget.

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