Animated Video Services

Explain your company, services or products and in a creative, entertaining way and in just 30 or 60 seconds you will capture the attention of your customers

Animated videos are an excellent resource to improve the marketing of your company and thus achieve your objectives more quickly and effectively.

An animated video of your company could explain in a short and simple way, with the help of drawings, an idea and transmit a message without the need to film the company’s facilities . 

The animated videos are a favorite today to communicate ideas and concepts techniques. 

I have a creative team specialized in conceptualizing, illustrating, designing and animating animated videos according to the specific needs of each client. 

What services do we offer ?

We take care of the entire process: from the creative idea and script to the animation and final delivery of the video. We offer all these solutions:

Explainer videos

Animations that easily and visually explain a complex topic. Perfect to publicize any type of concept, idea, service or company.

Promotional videos

This type of video is used to inform about a single product or service. Your message is more direct and concise, generating value and creating impact on the viewer.

Corporate videos

They are the videos that revolve around companies and SMEs. They serve to publicize your values ​​or services as a general presentation.

Videos for social media

If what you want is to give movement to your page/account, we help you create micro-videos to promote and create brand image in a short, powerful and dynamic way.

Interactive Videos

They are the videos that transform the “passive” viewer into an active user who gets involved and takes part in the action. It is an ideal solution to capture leads or to create engagement through interactive experiences.

Videos for Startups

They are animations that are intended to easily and visually inform a complex topic. They are used as pieces of knowledge or as communication tools for new companies or Start-ups.

2D or 3D animation in your video

1- Problem:

We can start with a story where the character has the same problem as the audience so they will have the same emotions as the protagonist and they will want to know how they have solved it.

2.- Solution:

Propose a solution to the problem with your product-service. Explaining how the idea arose or where it comes from helps the audience understand that you have found the solution.

3.- How it works:

It is the fundamental part. Explain how your product-service works and, above all, the advantages it has over the competition.

4.- Conclusion:

Wrap it all up. Reiterate that you have solved the problem and offer a call to action (visit the web, go directly to the application, a subscription, a purchase …)

Frequent questions:

Typically producing a 1 minute long video is usually a 2-3 week process once the script has been approved.

It depends on the Briefing , style, duration, delivery date, voice-over, if it is a campaign with several capsules, etc … the ideal is to first see all the key points and thus make a customized budget.

Get an idea of ​​what you want in your video. We help you turn your idea into a script, hence a storyboard, an animation and finally the video with all the animation and Sound Design.

The video is a dynamic project , you can modify, add information, shorten, change the language and even add characters and scenes.