Facebook Ads for Lawyers

Facebook Ads is an advertising tool that allows you to specify your market niche in a very specific way.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook has been losing organic reach, that is, when you publish on a page it is no longer possible to reach all your followers. This can be offset by investing in advertising. This is where Facebook Ads comes in, which is Facebook’s advertising platform that enables lawyers to precisely reach clients who need a professional in their specialty.

In this way, you can create advertising campaigns with various ads that allow your brand as a lawyer to be more notorious, that you achieve greater interaction with your audience, that a higher reach is generated with it … And all this, with a complete management and control of your advertising.

Differences with google SEM

When you advertise on Google, when you do SEM, what you are looking for is people who have a need who are looking for it at the time. However, when you advertise on Facebook what you are doing is a profile, that is, you are looking for a niche. Depending on the sector in which the lawyer is working, his client niche may be different.

Facebook has enough information on all its users, so it is very easy to define a very specific niche, that is, define whether it is a man or a woman, define the age, level of studies, family situation, your tastes, your activities … With which, choosing the ideal customer niche, which is the first step, is very easy to do on Facebook.

Basically, it is a segmentation. The difference is that one is a proactive search, let’s say in Google, and this is reactive, it responds to an advertisement that they put on you because you meet that profile, with that segmentation, that the advertiser is looking for.

When you also take out your advertisement, an advertisement that you show, which is not requested, but is an advertisement that you have to look for that is of interest to your target audience. If you hit your niche, let’s say it is well appreciated and you will have a very good reaction, in addition, the costs are quite affordable.

Specialization in lawyers

Lawyers have to choose their activity and the niche they are targeting very well. This on other platforms is very complicated to manage. On the other hand, Facebook gives you all the tools to be able to show your expertise, and it also has different types of ads.

I would advise starting by promoting our knowledge, making ourselves known to our target audience as lawyers who are experts in a certain matter, and then Facebook allows you to impact people who have reacted to previous publications with advertising.

In this way, when we already want to get closer to, for example, obtain their email or offer them a free resource to be able to have the data, we get to work with people who have already had previous impacts. Thus distancing ourselves from strangers who surely would not want to download our free resource and reaching out to people who have already seen our brand, seen what we do, and have had a following.

Types of campaigns for lawyers

In principle, I advise starting with promotional campaigns. You make publications on the Facebook page that you have set up for your office and from there you are publishing valuable content, content that attracts, that is interesting for your target audience.

From there, what I would do would be conversion campaigns, but conversion not for sale, because when you are talking about services it is practically impossible for someone to hire you directly in an ad, if not to give you the email. That is, you offer him a free resource and from that resource, you get his email.

Once you have achieved what we call conversion, you get a series of clients that are within your niche and with those clients, you already work with email marketing tools. In this way, what you are doing is approaching your client until when he needs a lawyer in your specialty, you are his first option.

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