How to Create an Online Clothing Store

Are you thinking about how to create an online clothing store? Well, you have had a great idea that can even be a millionaire (without exaggeration):

The health crisis has boosted online shopping by up to 400%. Post-pandemic trading is online. People are wanting to buy online, more than ever.

So congratulations! It is a good idea and that is why in this opportunity you will learn everything about how to create an online clothing store: requirements, sales strategies, keys and more!

Tips when creating an online store

5 Tips when creating an online clothing store

Read on and learn everything about how to create a successful online clothing store.

1. The best strategy to create a virtual clothing store

You have had an ingenious idea when you want to sell clothes on the internet, it is time to start to materialize that idea; and for that, your best weapon will be a niche strategy.

A niche is a specific sector of a market. For example, in the case of the clothing market, some niches would be women’s clothing, baby clothing, children’s clothing, clothing for the elderly, underwear, etc.

However, these niches can in turn be segmented into micro-niches: baby clothes in summer, youth women’s clothing, clothing for older adults in winter, etc.

The wonderful thing about the clothing market is that there are hundreds of thousands of niches, microniches and even you have thousands of possibilities!

With the niche strategy that we will propose today, you will be able to start, position and sell in a specific sector of the market, instead of covering the entire clothing market.

But why sell to a single sector and not cover the entire market?

We are nobody to cut your wings, we like you to think big, but unless you have a “pretty fat” bank account, it is best to start in a specific niche and focus on a defined type of client. Well, despite the fact that a lot of clothes are sold online, there is also a lot of competition.

So our advice is to start in a specific niche first and then expand as you position your business. Choose the niche that you like the most and you are passionate about. That way you won’t get bored.

Do you want to sell menswear? Do you have youth clothing? Do you like baby clothes more? Define your niche and get ready to conquer the web!

Postscript: covering a sector or selling other related products is not exclusive, but the most feasible strategy is to start by covering small niches and later inserting more products.

2. Market research: the key to conquering the web

You have already defined your niche, but you must be even more strategic, that way your chances of success increase.

So at this point, it is necessary to obtain key information that helps you define those products that will be sold more easily, that is, those products that people are buying right now.

To do this, you will have to carry out intelligent market research that provides key information about your future clients:

  1. Start by doing long-tail research, that is, looking, with the help of Google, how your customers are looking for the products. You just have to Google the type of clothes you will sell, for example, “ baby clothes in winter ”. After doing this search you go to the bottom of the page of the search results to the “related searches”. Such searches are other ways that consumers are searching for the related products you sell – keep that in mind!
  2. Visit large stores such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc. and do a search for the products you are going to sell. This way you will know which ones are the best sellers and the ones preferred by people. Review the opinions and write down the tastes and observations of the buyers.
  3. Analyze the social profiles of large clothing stores in your city/country, and investigate the opinions of their customers so that you can assimilate their tastes and preferences.
  4. Research what other businesses in your city/region/country sell the type of clothing you plan to sell. To do this, do searches on Google and on social networks. Spy on their websites and social profiles. Analyze what are their strengths, weaknesses, the opinions of their customers, etc.
  5. Finally, you must be at the forefront of the fashion of your sector by reading fashion and trend magazines. This way you will always have successful products that most customers will like.

3. Branding or how to make your customers fall in love at first sight

Branding clothing store

Branding or brand strategies are seduction techniques to give your brand an attractive personality, capable of making your customers fall in love, even at first sight.

Digital consumers are not passive buyers, they are active agents who do very well research, and also promote their preferred brands.

Keep in mind that just as the demand for online clothing has increased in recent months, so has competition. So the digital consumer is bombarded at all times with advertising. That’s why you need an extra ‘charm’ that attracts customers and differentiates your brand.

How to get a brand that falls in love even at first sight?

First, you must define the emotions that stimulate customers to buy your clothes, for this you must create a buyer persona, that is, a customer profile, defining:

  • Who is your target customer: how old is they, what is their economic level, what are the motivating factors to buy your clothes.
  • The problems and needs that your customers experience which stimulate them to need to obtain your products.
  • What are the wishes, dreams and expectations of your customers when buying your products?
  • Other details such as profession, age, beliefs.

In our question of “how to create an online clothing store”, knowing these details of your customers will help you decipher what and how you should communicate to persuade your customers to buy from your online store.

So once you have defined these details, it is time to move on to define what the visual and corporate elements of your brand are:

  • What colors will you use in your brand?
  • What name is appropriate for your online store: choose a short and easy-to-remember one.
  • The logos and symbols of the brand.
  • The messages to transmit and the tone that will be used for it.

Important: most of these things you will learn by spying on your competition’s brands, reading the comments of their buyers, and investigating the social profiles of those buyers. Although the most valuable information, you will learn as you go. In addition, it is important that you know that in this case, the accompaniment of a professional is important, contact us to help you in this step.

4. Photography when starting a clothing business on the internet

Images and photographs are essential visual elements when creating an online clothing store. Without them, you won’t get very far. On the other hand, if you offer quality photographs of your clothes, you will better stimulate your customers to buy.

I’m not saying that you have to study photography or buy a 5,000 dollar camera. Only that the photos must have a minimum quality.

What are the ideal photographs?

  1. You must offer fairly clear and quality photos, with good lighting and resolution.
  2. Offer at least 5 photos per garment model to sell, from different angles. Well, looking at clothes is practically a hobby and very indulgent. So don’t deprive your customers of that satisfaction.
  3. The backgrounds of the photographs of your clothes must be white or if you use scenarios, they must be free of other elements that have nothing to do with it.
  4. Using a video that shows the garment from different angles is even more satisfying. And it is that video content is one of the best formats when selling clothes that are most persuasive.
  5. Making use of photographs of people wearing the clothes is not a mandatory requirement, but it does add extra value to your clothes.

5. How to create an online clothing store: creating your platform

How to create an online clothing store

By now you already know key information that will make you a successful online merchant, now is the time to go to practice: it is time to create that virtual store that is a showcase open 24 hours , where thousands of people will enter and buy your garments at any time.

It sounds fanciful, but the reality is that right now there are thousands of people doing it. And to achieve the same as them, you will have to create an elegant, professional website that offers an excellent experience and impacts your visitors. This website will be your main sales channel.

But how to create a website with such qualities?

First, you should know that a website with a free design and that is not designed especially for your clients, will scare away your visitors.

Quality web designs are not that cheap, however, later on I will tell you how to access a quality website even with few financial resources.

For the moment, let’s focus on the characteristics of this website:

  1. First of all, said website must segment your products very well by garments, categories, types, colors, etc.
  2. Must have calls to action: purchase buttons or “add to cart”, well placed, for more clicks and sales.
  3. It must include an online payment processor that includes all forms of customer payments: cash on delivery, cards, PayPal, transfer, etc. The idea is that your customers can buy in just a couple of clicks.
  4. Your websites must have customer service chatbots or WhatsApp chat.
  5. Each product needs a specific page, with a carousel of photographs and persuasive texts focused on selling.

Note: it is best that you seek the advice of a web designer to help you get this online store. We can help you access our online store design service:

6. How to sell new and used clothes on social networks

A website like the one we detail will provide you with a source of constant sales from which to base a real business that produces good profits; even more than a physical business (if you know how to grow well).

However, social networks can reinforce the sales of your website, if you create profiles that attract visitors and then redirect them to your online store.

Where to create social channels?

The best networks to sell clothes are:

Instagram: being a completely visual social network, as long as you offer quality photographs, you can reach hundreds of people. Growing up there is not easy, but you can run contests to boost yourself.

Facebook: if you know how to distinguish the most demanded garments of the moment, the Facebook marketplace is an option, also the buying and selling groups.

Pinterest: In this social network you will bet on positioning the photographs of your clothes and bringing the people you attract to your website.

Remember that the number of social networks is not important, in our question of how to create an online clothing store, it is actually more important to have only the profiles that we can manage very well on a daily basis.

7. Inbound Marketing: How to make customers look for you

Inbound Marketing clothing store

Even today the predominant marketing model is outbound marketing. That is, using strategies that seek to go to customers and show them the products through advertising.

But this type of marketing strategy is quite intrusive for people, so for that reason, Inbound Marketing strategies, that is, attracting customers through quality content, are replacing outbound.

What are the best inbound marketing strategies to sell clothes on the web?

SEO or how to use Google to attract thousands of customers

There are millions of people looking for clothes to sell online from Google and other search engines, so reaching them through SEO strategies is quite practical.

SEO stands for ” search engine optimization “. That is, the optimization of the contents of our websites and their contents so that Google can show them in its results.

And how to optimize said content?

First, you need to know what your customers are searching for on Google. For this we must use a tool that shows the words and phrases that our clients are looking for; Some of those tools are SEMrush (paid), Google keyword planner (free).

These two tools will show us what our Internet users are looking for on Google regarding our garments.

Second, you need to create sales pages targeting these words and phrases, for example, if your niche is ” summer clothes for babies “; and you observe with the mentioned tools that people search for “ baby pajamas for summer ”, or “ casual clothes for babies in summer ”; you must create sales pages with these names. That way, when people do those searches on Google, they will find your clothes.

The third and final step is to optimize the contents of the sales pages that you build based on those words and phrases that our clients are looking for.

For this, we must introduce them a couple of times in the texts, in the title, meta descriptions and in the labels of the images that we upload. But, above all, it is necessary to add in subtitles and in links. Also, remember to use synonyms for those words and phrases within the texts.

How to sell clothes on the internet with the help of a blog

How to sell clothes on the internet with the help of a blog

By creating an online clothing store, a blog containing quality informational articles that attract readers will be ‘a real gold mine’.

By creating problem-solving advice articles, like the one you’re reading right now, you’ll have a great tool to influence people into buying your clothes.

In the case of clothing, you have a huge amount of possibilities, since there are millions of people looking for clothing and fashion advice on the internet.

So, if you provide them with this information, you will be directing them to your online store and to purchase your products.

That is why in this section we invite you to use a space in your online store as a “blog”, where you can post advice on fashion, image, a combination of garments, etc. through written and informative articles that are read by thousands of people.

To do this, you must follow an SEO strategy, in the same way as in the sales pages: you must investigate what advice your potential clients are looking for about fashion and dressing well, and with what phrases or words they do it. Then create such informative articles.

You can also publish news from the world of fashion.

Video marketing when creating an online store

Video marketing is another inbound marketing strategy to attract visitors and customers to your online store; the dynamics is the same as that of articles: writing quality content, only these strategies are carried out through video content.

The contents providing fashion advice, or telling the latest trends in your sector must present a good quality. But, as we have said, the dynamics is the same as that of the written content.

These video content can be published on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The idea will always be to bring traffic to your online store where you can convert those visitors into customers.

Remember that video content is the format that most impacts and persuades.

8. Paid Advertising: How to Sell Clothes Online Quickly

Paid Advertising online store

What if you pay to reach thousands of people in a short time? Not so fast! It is true that you can pay to reach thousands of people in a few hours; But for this to be profitable and work, you have to do everything strategically.

We have already said that people are stuffed with a lot of publicity, so it is necessary to present friendly promotions that are not intrusive and that really impact.

In addition, for advertising to be profitable, it is necessary to know how to reach our target audience. There is no use reaching thousands of people if they are not the type who would buy your products. So we will give some keys to succeed with paid advertising:

  • In the case of social networks, you must segment your customers by age, sex, condition, etc. to try to reach your target audience and have enough conversions to make said advertising profitable.
  • Do you remember the buyer persona or the customer profile that we mentioned at the beginning? Well, the audience you choose has to have these characteristics as much as possible.
  • In the case of SEM, that is, paying to position your content in the first Google searches, in the same way, you have to look for the most profitable searches.
  • However, the best option in terms of paid advertising is to find an influencer that fits the type of clothing you sell and can provide the type of audience that it handles. In that case, look for an influencer who is local and his followers are similar to your type of target audience.


We have dedicated a separate subtitle to remarketing because in our question of “how to create an online clothing store”, this is a good option for paid advertising.

When selling clothes on the internet you should know that very few people buy them the first time they see a product. For that reason, it is necessary that they return to your page again. For that we will use remarketing.

Remarketing or retargeting is a type of advertising based on the cookies of the users who enter your online store, though you can make the users who have visited your website appear your products in advertising banners while they browse other websites. , even on their social networks.

If you know how to launch offers through this type of advertising, you can hook your customers to buy more thanks to it.

Some of the best platforms for remarketing are:

Google Ads: It is the Google platform and the one used by most websites, so they are good machines to advertise products.

Facebook Customer Audiences: with the help of its “pixel” tool that you integrate into your website, you will be able to attract audiences to your channels on Facebook and Instagram.

9. The philosopher’s stone when selling online: sales funnels

sales funnel clothing store

If you have come this far, you should know that this information is the most valuable and I have left it for the end as a reward to those few readers who read the full articles.

In fact, it is worth noting that reading and researching is all you need if you want to know how to create an online clothing store and succeed in online commerce: everything is already written.

Returning, as we have said, when selling online, most people do not buy the first time they see a product. However, we can “condition them to it” and multiply our sales if we use a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a series of steps with which we will attract our customers and persuade them to buy our products.

In general, it is about: attracting – impacting – selling – building loyalty.

To do this, you must make use of special offers in exchange for an email or their WhatsApp number, along with their authorization to send them messages.

For example, you can use a form where your customers leave their contact in exchange for a discount coupon.

Once you have a good email list or WhatsApp, you will have a good base of people to send promotions, contests, discount coupons, etc. that will lead them to buy more from you and become familiar with your brand.

10. Customer loyalty: this is how a clothing brand is consolidated

You should know that selling is not enough, since each sale requires a good amount of energy and resources. For your business to consolidate, it is necessary for your customers to loyalty to your brand and repeat purchases.

If you can do that, you will be consolidating your brand, therefore, this step is important in our question of how to create an online clothing store.

You should know that it is cheaper to retain a customer than to get another, new one.

But how to build customer loyalty?

Obviously, the quality of the garments is essential, as well as good customer service. But there are other tips to keep in mind:

Deliver your products quickly, and in the same way make returns as quickly as possible.

Always offer good support and communication, don’t take 2 hours to reply to messages.

Offers a scoring system so that your most loyal customers can access greater benefits and offers.

Communicate constantly with your clients through social networks, WhatsApp stories and more.

Note: remember to comply with the legal aspects of your country regarding electronic commerce and data management. That is also a way to have a good relationship with your clients without causing any legal inconvenience.

Not everyone makes it to the end, so congratulations! It is also worth noting that at we have been creating online clothing stores for different sectors for more than 5 years. So if you want our support, advice and services to make your idea come true, contact us right now.