How to Promote an Aesthetic Clinic: Infallible Strategies

Are you the owner of your business and you don’t know how to promote an aesthetic clinic? The world of aesthetics is a highly competitive sector. For this reason, it is important to strategically promote the services of your aesthetic clinic.

In this article, you will learn which are the most effective strategies to promote your business.

Effective strategies to promote an aesthetic clinic

1. Advertising pays to win customers

If you are thinking about how to promote an aesthetic clinic, paid advertising can help you create visibility. Of course, you have to eliminate the mistaken belief that this advertising will do all the work for you.

Advertising ads must redirect to quality pages, and for a good advertising campaign to have the expected results it must be combined with persuasive and nutritious content for your users.

Working with Google Ads will allow you to better segment your target audience based on age, region, and gender. So if, for example, when the user does a search: “Aesthetic clinic in Los Angeles” you will appear in the first results.

There is also another modality in advertising and it is the change of reviews or related banners. You can contact other beauty aesthetics to suggest the idea of ​​doing an article exchange or other content format.

2. Social networks

In order to effectively promote the services of an aesthetic clinic, it must be clear that this sector is entirely visual. Therefore, the recommendation of presence in social networks for an aesthetic clinic is Facebook and Instagram, as pillars of social networks.

  • Facebook: A business Facebook profile with a Fanpage is the best combination to start promoting an aesthetic clinic. After these actions, you can create an advertising campaign in Facebook Ads to reach your targeted audience.
  • Instagram: Create a feed with quality images, videos, reels and at the same editing scale. To have a good presence on this social network, you must have created your branding strategy. After having all the elements added, there is nothing left but to start promoting your aesthetic clinic on Instagram stories. With this modality, many businesses have managed to promote their services immediately.

3. A quality aesthetic blog sells

Do you remember when we mentioned that the client profile who wants to have surgery is very reserved when with this procedure? One of the most effective strategies when thinking about how to promote an aesthetic clinic is your website.

This must have a combination of scientific, effective and verifiable information. Verifiable because your users will want to observe the changes in your patients before and after. So for this you must have images and animated videos that serve to confirm what your written information has to say.

1. What elements must my website have in order to promote it?

It’s no secret that many cosmetic clinic entrepreneurs have a web-only presence. For this reason, it is important to have knowledge of what elements a professional web page must compose in order to obtain the expected results.

  • An intuitive and professional web design. The anesthetic center sells beauty, so it is important that your design has brand colors and micro-interactions that allow the user to intuitively know where to go and also warn about any inconvenience.
  • That you can attract customers through SEO web positioning.
  • Create sales pages or landing pages to attract traffic to the website of your clinic.
  • Subscribe to your newsletter to receive emails related to your services.
  • Buttons and calls to action to immediately communicate with you and be able to schedule an appointment.

To have all these elements integrated into your page it is important to have a web designer. This will work in a personalized way to create a website adapted to your business model. If you have in mind to promote your aesthetic clinic with a free template, all your efforts will be in vain.

Free templates may seem like salvation at first, but the truth is that they do not position the content of your website and what is worse, you cannot migrate from them.

4. SEO

Do you want to be behind your clients all the time to show them what you can do for them? Or do you want them to naturally come across the content you make and that answers their questions?

The Google web search engine is another way to promote an aesthetic clinic since thousands of people search for these services daily through it.

To do a good job with SEO you must take the following into account:

  • Assess your target audience and do a thorough search for keywords or related searches. There are free tools like Ubersuggest or paid tools like SEMrush.
  • The titles of your texts must be persuasive and answer the questions of your potential clients.
  • That your online business is registered in Google My Business.

Similarly, if you need a little help in your project you can contact our SEO services to promote your aesthetic clinic.

5. The power of Emailing to retain customers

If you have quality content on your website, users who come to read will want to subscribe to your email. Why not? If each topic is better than the previous one, be sure that this will happen.

Email is a professional means of communication that is still used by professionals today to send news about a service.

How to promote an aesthetic clinic through this medium?

  • Make sure the title of the email is eye-catching.
  • The email design should include your branding strategy
  • After the explanation in the email add buttons or calls to action. “I want to make an appointment” “call” “get in touch with the clinic.”

It is important to evaluate and analyze at what time of day your emails have the most reach and set a strategy based on it.

Other tips that can work in promoting your aesthetic clinic

1. Offers financing plans

At the beginning of this industry, the profile of people who could undergo cosmetic surgery indicated that they were people with purchasing power. This has been transformed over time, so anyone who wants to make a change in their physical appearance can opt for it.

If you want to promote your services in the aesthetic clinic, offer financing plans. In this way you also achieve the following:

  • That your patient is treated with medical professionals who perform a successful intervention and do not go the cheapest way to obtaining the least desired results.
  • You reduce the risk margin, a pre and post-operative financing plan creates a feeling of security in the patient and is possibly the final decision to perform the intervention.
  • For a user to receive these financing plans, they must be of legal age, and earn enough to pay for the procedure in installments.

2. Run promotions and contests on social media

Users love promotions. Why not make them participate in your brand? You can create a promotion where the evaluation appointment can be completely free. Of course, you must be very clear about the requirements.

For example, if you are going to create a promotion for Instagram, the most recommended thing is that they like your publication, follow you as an account, and share the post in their stories among others.

3. Join with a colleague

Professional relationships unite. Have you thought about making a live question and answer? You can invite your users to ask questions and concerns in relation to the aesthetic clinic and make a live through Instagram or YouTube that answers their concerns.

That users can see you in real-time answering their questions generates trust in the brand.

You can also create alliances on LinkedIn or send emails to colleagues where you consider that their values ​​as a professional are in line with your working method.

As a final strategy, why not offer free advice as an aesthetic professional?

4. Be responsible and punctual

The promotion strategies mentioned above have paid off and you have a lot of dates. What should you not do? Play with your patients’ time. This can be taken by them as a lack of respect for the agreed pact.

The best way to avoid these setbacks is to have an administrative staff in charge of managing appointments and that they are strictly adhered to.

If some of your patients are not in your area, you can use a virtual office. Although in a virtual way, a professional assessment of the aesthetic area to work in cannot be carried out, professional aspects and how you carry out such interventions can be discussed.


If after reading this post you still do not feel sure how to promote an aesthetic clinic, we offer you a marketing advertising campaign for your aesthetic clinic.

  • We work with professional web design adapted to your aesthetic clinic.
  • SEO positioning so that your content is the answer your potential clients are looking for.
  • Writing texts with a brand communicational tone, informative and persuasive for your users.

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