How to Promote Online Clothing Store and Win Customers

Surely you are thinking about how to promote online clothing store. Either because you have been in the market for a long time and you do not get the sales you want, or because you also started your business online and you do not get the reach and visibility you need.

In any of the circumstances, I will explain how to promote your clothing store with effective strategies so that you can achieve not only sales but also loyal customers, with each of your clothing items.

Strategies to learn how to promote online clothing store

To obtain the results you expect in your online store, it is not enough just to have an internet presence. You must employ strategies that help you generate reach and visibility. This reach and visibility will give you the opportunity to connect with your ideal customers and therefore increase your online clothing store business.

But how do I do it? How should I start? I mention strategies that will help you obtain the results you expect.

1. Choose your target person

In the offline business, there is much more probability that a customer will look at the window and feel interested in your product. On the internet, it works with another methodology. So this is a common mistake among entrepreneurs who had an offline business and proceed to have an online presence.

Suppose you added the clothing items to your online store and you wait for the magic to happen. You write super generic promotional offers that no particular audience can relate to.

Millennials dress completely different from a baby boomer, or a user of Generation Z. Identifying which public will really be interested in your clothes is the number one step to get your business off the ground.

By knowing the styles of each of these pages, you will be able to increase your sales and even gradually you will know what clothing items to add to your online store.

2. Social media and its powerful influence

For this magic to happen, you must carry out an exhaustive analysis of your ideal client. What does he like, what did he dislike, what do you think would attract him or what is in trend. Clothes are in a certain way a trend so you have to figure out what she likes now and why she would buy it from you.

For this work to be successful enough you need a Community Manager on your side, since you need to develop a communicational tone and different publications in each social network.

Each social network has its strengths and it is what you should promote, and see how your online clothing store achieves visibility in an organic way. I mention how to promote your online clothing store and retain customers on social networks:

Facebook remains the number one platform in this sector

The social network Facebook is positioned in the third most visited social network worldwide. It is 16 years old since its founding and has approximately 1.9 billion active users daily.

It has become the allied social network of online clothing or eCommerce stores thanks to the built-in purchase button. Here you will not only find your ideal client, but also strong competition in your sector.

Luckily there are strategies that increase the visibility of your online clothing business:

Facebook Page: To start promoting your business you must create a Facebook Page. Since you can develop advertising campaigns through Facebook Ads. Besides that it is the starting point of your business in this social network. Make sure you have your graphic identity as a logo, promotional banner, and persuasive wording.

Facebook Ads: If you have evaluated your ideal client, you will know where they are from, what gender they are, what age range and what generation they belong to. So you can start segmenting your content and promoting it to this target. In this way you will be able to gain the attention of those users who are really interested in buying clothes.

Also this option has a great advantage that you could bet on, not only do you appear promotionally in your target audience but also spontaneously in people who possibly want to buy clothes.

Instagram the best visual network for your showcase

This social network has a million opportunities to promote your online clothing store. The number one visual social network works as a virtual showcase and has a lot of non-invasive strategies that users seem to like more and more every day. See everything you can run here:

Storytelling: Using your story as a brand and clothing store from scratch will make you start to have loyal followers until the end. For this, you can consider reaching an agreement with an influencer or devising it with your community manager.

Developing your brand intention through stories makes your target audience more and more interested in the content you are going to post and connect with your values as a brand.

Real images: The quality of the images and main photos of your real clothes will make these users connect with the clothes and really want to buy them. It is your time to be as creative as you can be at this stage. Make outfit combinations and promote the need to buy.

Lives or live: Live ones are used a lot to publicize your brand. And even more so now that we live in a pandemic situation and we cannot meet in person. In these lives, you can generate attractive dynamics about combinations with your clothes, join with another clothing store, offer promotions, create a question and answer show among others.

Employ immediacy and scarcity: If you learn to work with these strategies, you understand that the user wants to receive an immediate response from your clothing store and does not want to feel that they are missing out on a potential offer. So in the statements of your garments, play with these concepts. You will immediately capture the attention of your target audience.

Tik Tok and the high chances of going viral

Tik Tok and the high chances of going viral

In this social network, it is much easier to get the reach and visibility that your online clothing store needs. You just need to create videos that are dynamic and explanatory enough to stay in the mind of your consumer. So if you do not dare to be part of these videos, it is another compelling reason to have an ambassador or influencer who transmits these contents.

Pinterest and let the ambassadors speak for you

Many online clothing stores underestimate the power and influence that this social network has to promote the need for purchase and the acquisition of products and services. Luxury brands know the impact of Pinterest and use it to their advantage. By creating different tabs with items of your clothing, you promote the need to purchase in users who frequent this social network.

Here the product truly sells itself, since those who will be in charge of creating these combinations are your own ambassadors.

YouTube- Videos are today

The videos created on this platform have a potential peculiarity: They rank well for Google. So if a user searches for, for example: “Men’s summer pants” and you have videos indexed on this platform, you will appear in the first searches.

Similar to Tik Tok but with more minutes in between, create interactive videos showing your clothes to these users.

3. Attractive content in relation to your niche

Having content in your blog section, not to say elementary, is essential. You must provide valuable content to your audience in order to retain purchases. Get creative with your clothing store. You can write content in relation to trends, climate changes, functionality, by gender. The truth is that promoting the need to buy through writing is another of the infallible strategies to learn how to promote your online clothing store.

  • Research keywords: You need to put together the content skeleton. So the best thing to do is a keyword search in relation to your business. Those with the least competition.
  • Develop a content calendar: Having researched which keywords are the best for your business. Proceed to put together a calendar, test how often it is possible to publish content and the positive and negative impact that it has left.
  • Always add images of your clothing: When you start developing content make sure to add real images of your clothing and a call to action to a landing page. This will connect with the text and the garment. In addition to this, observe the repertoire of possibilities in your virtual showcase.

4. SEO is the mainstay of online stores or ecommerce

The machine that will accelerate the growth process of your website in the medium and long term is SEO web positioning. If this skeleton does not work well, your business will hardly have the scope and visibility you expect.

Some recommendations in this area are as follows:

  • Use an analysis tool: You need to use a complete and exhaustive audit to evaluate the on-page and off-page SEO of your website. I recommend using SEMrush to evaluate the integral operation of your website.
  • Description of the categories: This is a strategy that Amazon knows very well. For example, if you are going to do a search for “Billabong Skirts” it will even appear first then the Billabong store. For the simple fact of taking the time to write each of the descriptions of the clothes, they have to sell.
  • Tags: It is another subdivision of the categories, only with a differential element. For example Red pants, denim pants. This helps much more with the positioning of your online store.

4. Web design and how it improves the user experience

Web design and how it improves

Imagine that you have a virtual store and it is not fast, the images load slow and it is not adapted to mobile devices or tablets. Your client will leave before the experience has started.

If your web design is a disaster, you will hardly make a sale. So the best thing is to acquire a design adapted to an online store to optimize its operation. In addition to this there is an element that we must take care of how:

Images: Images are the protagonists of clothing stores. But in order for them to continue being the protagonists and not rush customers, they must follow certain parameters. Make sure to lower the weight of the images so that they load quickly and without losing quality.

In addition to this add a name to each of them followed by a hyphen (Blue-denim pants) This will help your positioning. And finally, make sure to save it in PNG format.

5. Create landing pages

A landing page merged with social media can only create targeted traffic and sales. So the key to these is not to create millions but the necessary to promote your clothes. Once they are created, evaluate through the metrics in which of these the user spends more time and each day enhances this product and its arrival strategies.

6. Leads or potential customers

The content strategy also has another intention and is to be able to collect the data of that user who reads the content every day. With what purpose? To offer you personalized promotions based on your needs.

As well as SEO of your virtual store you can create emails with value proposals.

7. E-mail marketing to retain customers

Once you have a list of subscribers, it is time to further outline these subscribers. Here the community will make the load lighter, since it can be in charge of preparing lists based on gender, tastes, preferences, profession, religion and social group.

Only in this way will you be able to send personalized newsletters to each of these subscribers and measure the results. Remember that for the email strategy to work it must provide value, not spam.

8. Remarketing and ads as reminders

This strategy increasingly gives better results, and it works in reminder mode and stays in the mind of your potential consumer. So if it has fallen into your online store either organically or with promotional content, the truth is that it will do its thing to get this customer to end up making a purchase.

It may seem invasive but it has its latency period to pretend to be spontaneous, so it will most likely appear every 60 minutes on your target audience’s social media.

9. Well thought out paid advertising

paid advertising

Creating campaigns in Google Ads becomes more essential over time if you are still wondering how to promote online clothing store. These campaigns are created through keywords, so when the user does a search in relation to this keyword, your online clothing store appears in the first position of Google.

You can also create it in display mode where you can incorporate multimedia content and attract even more the attention of these users. Remember that you are in constant competition and you must be creative enough to at least get one-click that gives you the first contact with this client.

10. Monitoring of strategies

This key factor is what indicates if you are on the right track or if you simply have to come up with another strategy. If you do not have a follow-up, unnecessary emotions are created around your business such as hopelessness.

So make the Google Analytics tool your best ally in relation to monitoring your online store. So you can evaluate:

  1. Impact of the strategies.
  2. The heat map and the areas of your website where these users spend the most time.
  3. Modification of the objectives.

Tips and final considerations to learn how to promote online store

  • It increasingly humanizes the brand. Your clients have human needs that you can continue to meet. They like to have a face that attends to them immediately and offers a solution to their needs.
  • Use good packaging. In this advice, you must be very careful since if you start with attractive or luxury packaging you should follow this line. Otherwise, your buyer will feel that the quality of the product has decreased.
  • Take a chance and consider using a brand scent. Smells attract more memories than a visual stimulus.
  • When you send, try to attach a surprise item. Of course, this must be to your liking and for it to be you must continually analyze your buyer.
  • Create a PDF catalog and send it to your business WhatsApp. This stimulates the purchase not only of the product that interested them but of many more from your store.
  • Integrate offline and online channels. In your face-to-face store, if you have it, motivate your buyers to follow you through social networks. And in your social networks, promote your users to visit your facilities.
  • Use expectation. If you can create campaigns where uncertainty is promoted, these could bring great purchase results.