How to sell plastic surgery: My first strategies

Do you want to start your business online and you don’t know how to sell plastic surgery on digital media? In this article, I will explain everything you need to know to get your business going.

Aesthetic medicine plays an important role in society, and it is responsible for reducing insecurities of physical appearance in people. Therefore, to stand out in this sector of the competition you must offer professionalism and quality in your services.

The first strategies you should use to sell plastic surgery

Among so many strategies that are explained on the various web pages, how do you really know which ones will increase the sales of your business?

1. Research the market

Market analysis or research allows us to know what responses customers have given in relation to the service to be provided: Price, distribution, and demand, among others. In addition, this analysis helps you discard more than two ideas in relation to a business model.

Who are the companies in the sector with which you will be competing? What does your brand have to offer other than them? Why should these patients choose you? They are the unknowns that you must answer to give shape to the brand.

And this happens by conducting market research, and creating an innovative strategic plan. Remember that the key to beauty is the power of transformation.

2. Optimize your brand

Do you want to learn how to sell plastic surgery? It investigates the emotions that go hand in hand with beauty and offers tangible results. In the aesthetics sector, it is much more “seeing is believing” so if the user cannot see what you do, they will not pay for the service.

It is a decision that is not in a hurry, as it is a change that may not be irreversible. What is your target audience looking to feel after the transformation? Happiness? Self-esteem? Find out what emotions your users can connect with.

In order to optimize your brand, you must know and segment your target audience. Will it be for women between 35 and 45 years of age? For women between 45 and 65 years of age? Or maybe it will be for men? The concept of beauty has a different meaning in genders and therefore ages.

For example, for the millennial woman, the concept of beauty is naturalness and ecology. So these women bet on rebuilding their beauty with their own resources. In order to connect beauty with brand emotions, you must segment your target audience and thus be able to satisfy their immediate needs.

How to create a slogan for plastic surgery

It is important in brand optimization to create a slogan that can be trapped in the minds of your potential clients. To do this, take into account the following:

  • Include words that refer to Dreaming, letting go, relaxing, and experimenting. Beauty is a form of transformation.
  • Keep it short but sticky. Especially words that the user can easily pronounce.
  • That is related to the emotions of your brand.

3. An intuitive and professional web design

If you are still thinking about how to sell plastic surgery, one of the answers is to have a good web design. When we are in the beauty sector, your website has to highlight these attributes from start to finish. So it is best to choose a professional web design that:

  • Have a good performance in charging. If it is slow, the client will get bored in less than you expect and will leave the page.
  • Adapted to your brand colors. This will be the first meeting with your digital business, so it is time to play with the colors, typography and real images of before and after the procedures.
  • Micro-interactions: We know that the internet still has a lot to improve, but if your user browses a website where they are intuitively told what to do, they will feel more confident about each action to be taken.
  • Buttons and calls to action: How to get in touch with you? What is your best email? Do you want to receive news of new publications? It is important that the user feels part of your company.

4. Informative SEO content strategy

Google search engine strategies are effective in the medium and long term. Why does it happen this way? By doing a keyword evaluation on questions that your potential clients are looking for, you can start developing them in your content blog.

When users start to find these answers on your blog, it is the moment in which you generate quality traffic to your website. By getting traffic to your website and the permanence of more users browsing the different articles, SEO increases and the probability of appearing in the list of the first 3 search results.

5. Blog strategies

Having a professional blog is another of the strategies on how to sell plastic surgery, especially in the world of aesthetics. If we talk about a generalized profile of this type of client, they are usually very reserved when they make the decision to have cosmetic surgery.

So where do you think most of these users turn for information? Yes, to the internet. It is time to create as much information as possible about each aesthetic process and how you could improve your life afterwards.

When creating a blog section on your website, keep the following principles in mind:

  • If you have already evaluated your target audience you know how to communicate. Create information in this language and meet your needs.
  • Aesthetics is beauty, remember to include professional before and after images in your surgical interventions. Thus, the user can see the real results and make the final decision to purchase the service.
  • Includes videos. It is the best way in which users can observe how you develop in aesthetic medicine.

6. Advertising for SEM Plastic Surgery

If you are starting to digitize your aesthetic medicine business, it will be best to promote it with an SEM advertising strategy. Are you a local cosmetic surgeon? Creating banner ads through Google Ads allows you to advertise in your city.

So if, for example, the user searches for “plastic surgery Kathmandu” your ad may appear. Remember to register your aesthetic company in Google My Business.

7. Advertising for aesthetic medicine on social networks

Advertising for aesthetic medicine can also have a presence on social media. In which of them is your target audience? The most potential to offer aesthetic medicine services are Facebook and Instagram.

  • Facebook and Facebook Ads: Through segmented campaigns, you can quickly reach your audience. You only need to add age, gender, professionalism and region where you are. In this way, the advertisement will be able to generate actions such as traffic to your website and likes to your fanpage, among others.
  • Instagram with Instagram Stories: This form of Instagram allows small companies the possibility of randomly appearing for 24 hours in users who do not follow them. Increasing reach and visibility, in addition to generating traffic from potential clients.

Many surgeons refuse to have a presence on social networks, but what is a fact is that potential clients are also browsing social networks in search of services.

8. Customer loyalty

Do you want to create a single sale or clients committed to your brand? Evaluate your target audience and find what makes them feel good. Feeling special? Exclusive? Use the emotions of your brand and connect better with your audience. For this, you have various strategies such as:

  • E-mail marketing strategies: Send your clients exclusive coupons, an invitation to be part of a sample, a discount on your service. By sending a weekly or biweekly email you are reminding your client of the plans and services you have created for him.
  • Use immediacy: What if a customer came to your website and liked what they read? He wants to contact you immediately. Therefore, you must have various calls to action such as Skype, WhatsApp, integrated Chatbots, and a section of frequently asked questions.
  • Add the reviews section: That a potential client has the possibility to tell their story in the comments of any of your articles allows you to give a preliminary impression of the situation. The evaluations do not replace the medical review but they do generate this approach.
  • Create financing plans: Although the target of aesthetic medicine points to profiles of people with purchasing power, it is important to have financing plans for those who do not have it.

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