SEO for Surgeons

Do you want to learn how to do SEO for surgeons on your website and you don’t know how to start? SEO website positioning is one of the most effective long-term strategies and the one that yields the best results. Throughout this article, I will explain why it is important to use SEO as a surgeon and why implementing it will bring you benefits as a professional.

What is SEO?

The intention of SEO for surgeons is to generate organic traffic to your website by satisfying a search intention or need that your potential patient has.

But … How do I do it? For your blog to be able to position in Google and be indexed by the artificial intelligence it has, you must:

Create new web content for Google. If Google’s artificial intelligence detects that you are writing paraphrased or repeated content, it will not position. Therefore, you must create quality content that becomes reliable and with this confidence gain authorship on your website.

By being authored, the visits to your page as a surgeon increase: You answer the concerns and needs of your patients and they just want to keep reading to continually inform themselves and take the step of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Remember that the decision to have cosmetic surgery can take months and even years.

How does SEO work for cosmetic surgeons?

SEO for surgeons

As we evaluate how the aesthetic patient behaves on the internet, we have come to a real conclusion: these types of clients continually seek information on the internet. Data from the HealthTech Magazine indicates that at least 70% of the population in US first consult the internet before attending a medical consultation.

Why? He is reserved with his thoughts and decisions because at the moment he does not pretend to be judged.

That is why it is vitally important that you develop informative and professional content in your blog section that your patients are looking for on the internet.

1. Conduct a market analysis

As in your blog you must write really informative content from start to finish, it is important that you segment the market: What specialty should I work on that is not attacking the competition in my area? Does it fit with the aesthetic procedures that I perform?

This way you won’t get frustrated creating content that goes under the table or is so approached by your competition that you are almost invisible on the internet. For this, enter the websites of cosmetic surgeons in your area and investigate what cosmetic procedures they are doing.

SEMrush is a powerful tool that lets you know what keywords your competing surgeons are using.

2. Perform an assessment of keywords and search intent

A well-developed SEO strategy for surgeons consists of defining two types of profiles:

Write content for new patients

This type of user needs to know what the process will be like from start to finish and if they have the necessary characteristics. Some of the searches carried out by these patients are the following: They could be looking for content such as What is plastic surgery? What is your procedure? Does your service as a plastic surgeon cover insurance? Is it safe to have a surgical intervention? What are the risks?

Write for the patient who has already been researching and learning about surgical processes for years

This user profile has been conducting research on surgical procedures for a longer time, so your search is more segmented and goes for what you want:

  • Plastic surgery for eyes.
  • Reconstructive plastic surgeries.
  • Plastic surgeries for breast reduction/enlargement.

Once you have chosen the patient approach you are going to work with, it is time to choose your keywords. In this case, try not to choose words that are common, such as: Cosmetic surgeries.

To better segment, your content and have keywords that position it, a good strategy is to look at long tails or long-tail words.

These long-tail words allow you to know more exactly what your potential patients are looking for.

Seo plastic surgery
This is how long tail searches or long tails look when you type in the search engine: “plastic surgery in california”.
plastic surgeon SEO
This is how long tail searches or long tails look when you type in the search engine: “plastic surgery in Los Angeles”.

3. Define the theme of your website for surgeons

“The one that covers a lot does little” so the best thing you can do is segment your content. Have you already defined the user profile for which you are going to write in your blog section? You need other features to improve your SEO for surgeons:

  • Understood age of your patients.
  • Gender.
  • The region where you will offer your services as a surgeon.
  • Cost.

The better you define towards which patient profile your services as a surgeon are directed, the faster you will satisfy the needs of your users. Since, for example, it is not the same vision of cosmetic surgery for a 35-year-old woman than a 50-year-old woman. They are small details that make the difference.

4. Write professional and intuitive content

In this part it is very important that you understand that the way you write the content as a professional must follow an SEO structure for surgeons:

  • Write attractive titles. Some suggestions are to add numbers or titles that respond to the needs of your users of no more than 60 letters.
  • Do not write paragraphs longer than 300 words.
  • Write a meta description that is consistent with the content of your text. This will make it easier for Google to index your content.
  • Keep yourself a professional tone. Imagine that you are giving a conference or talking about how you are able to change the lives of others with your cosmetic surgeries.
  • Add images and videos as samples of cosmetic surgeries already performed. (This yes, with the previous permission of the patient).

5. Start to gain authorship

As we have been describing throughout this article, to gain authorship you must create original content. But what other actions do you need in your favor?

  • That other professional surgeons or aesthetic clinics use your content to cite as an example.
  • That the pages of these professionals also create original content.
  • Create link building. For this option you must be careful about who you hire the services from since many companies sell links that are not authored.

6. Write to colleagues’ blogs as a guest

If within the union of surgeons you still have professional colleagues who have a website consistent with your content, offer them an exchange of opinions.

There are also websites focused on the aesthetic sector that want to include content from professional surgeons trained in what they do.

7. Add the reviews section

Add the reviews section

In the health sector, it is very important to build trust in your patient. What better way than adding the history that your patients have lived in a surgical process with you?

When the user enters your website and can read how your patients have experienced a surgical intervention in your hands, it will considerably reduce any insecurity that may be happening.

That is why it is extremely important that your website for surgeons has a comment section. This could be the last step your user needed to make the decision to choose you as a surgeon.

8. FAQ section

The reviews also allow your users to leave comments about doubts they have in relation to performing an aesthetic intervention with you. Therefore, when collecting a large number of generalized questions, you need to open a section of frequently asked questions that invite the reader to discover what the process of an aesthetic intervention would be like.

9. Sign up for Google My Business

It does not matter if you are a freelance surgeon or have an aesthetic, to be really useful in your locality you need to be registered in your locality. For example, when your user does the search: Cosmetic surgeons in Anaheim, your page may appear in that list.

In this way, you give your service as a surgeon a specific position: Local, geographical position, neighborhood, city, province, among others.

10. Constantly evaluate your content against that of the competition. What do I still need to reach the top positions in Google?

The first three positions of surgeons are the object of study for you. What are they offering that you haven’t yet? What specialty are they employing? To overcome the teacher you have to learn from him.

Having a website with SEO for surgeons is a strategy that keeps running on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is also likely that these medical surgeons have internalized that the medical sector is very changing and that you will need a professional specialized in SEO that uses continuous changes of strategies on your website.

We have more than 4 years working on SEO for surgeons. Creating professional web content that helps our clients appear among the first Google searches. Do you want to position yourself as a surgeon? Contact us.