Effective Social Media Strategies For Real Estate

Learn how social media strategies for real estate can transform the trajectory of your business.

Social networks are essential if we want to connect directly with our potential clients. In addition to this, brands have understood that social networks allow increasing reach and visibility in the real estate sector.

It is also not a secret that a user before taking the final step of starting a business with you goes to your social networks to see what your community thinks.

So we are going to teach you strategies in social networks for your real estate sector.

Considerations before using social media strategies for real estate

We know that social networks are a sea of ​​competition. Therefore, the ideal is that you stand out with a content plan that adds value to the user. Only then will you be able to stand out in the real estate niche and impact these users by responding to their needs.

Before knowing some strategies in social networks for real estate and how to start your career, we mention how to start these objectives:

Audit your social networks: If you have already started this trajectory, you should measure which of the content you have published has caused the most impact and enhances this value proposition.

Create a content plan: Whether you are alone or with a work team, it is essential to be constant. Without constancy we are nothing. Determine if you are good at creating engaging graphic content. If you have a work team determine the time of its performance. We recommend creating content that educates, entertains, and inspires.

Do not forget where you come from and where you are going: It is important to determine a plan that allows you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your real estate business. Or what is the same as a SWOT analysis? When you know yourself better as an organization, you have a clear vision of where the content will start. So you will not have to continuously compare yourself with the competition, and even unconsciously execute the same strategies without obtaining the expected results.

Segment your target audience: It is important to eliminate that belief that your content or your real estate service is for everyone. By adapting your service to different ideal customer profiles, you can develop a communication tone that brings you closer to users. Being thus one step ahead of the competition, or at least going step by step describing your needs.

Get the need to sell out of your head: If you create direct and intrusive content that you throw over and over again that you want to sell, you will have the opposite effect. We know that this is one of the most important objectives, but what strategies will you use to get there?

Define the potential social networks for your real estate sector: In this article we will help you choose them, explaining how you can empower yourself in them.

Make sure it shows that you want to be: When you are in a place by obligation it shows. Let them feel that you are there because you want to inform users about your real estate service.

Social media strategies for real estate

We could explain a lot of strategies in the different social networks. The truth is that we evaluate which ones combine with the real estate sector and we have described in this article the most potential ones for you to start creating a trajectory in them.

1. LinkedIn for real estate

In this social network, you must be very careful when developing in the real estate sector.

Especially if you have between eyebrows “sell”. This network, in the first instance, has the main function of creating potential support networks and therefore initiating projects through this.

So your main mission as a real estate agent within this platform will be to become the best informant. In addition to this, record the people and companies with which you have related to promote trust.

1. Develop a professional profile

  • Make sure to add all the necessary resources to present your trajectory and development in the market. For this, you can upload videos in YouTube, PDF format, and all the visual elements you need.
  • Do not forget to describe your trajectory in a text that is not so short but is convincing enough to hook the one who reads you.
  • Add reviews: In a social network where networking predominates, the best thing is that you can record the professionals with whom you have already worked.

2. Create posts where you can be yourself

If you consider yourself a potential enough professional or company, this will be your first lethal weapon to prove it. LinkedIn users love to describe in their statuses how they have evolved in the sector in which they work, and also use storytelling or stories to tell.

So you can continually start developing real estate conversations and see how your audience reacts.

2. Use the LinkedIn Pulse tool to drive traffic to your website

If with the content strategy through a publication, you have created an audience interested in your content in relation to the real estate sector, you can undoubtedly create a writing space offered by LinkedIn Pulse.

Through this space, you can create topics of interest and redirect your most potential users on LinkedIn and turn them into your customers.

This is a strategy that you can not only use as CEO of a company but also choose your most dedicated real estate agents and that they are part of this content dissemination.

3. Instagram for the real estate sector

At first, the social network Instagram was listed as the main network for millennials, this is something that has been transformed over time. Due to the visual impact of the social network, how comfortable and dynamic it can be to observe content in a few minutes has become a good place to indicate.

It is the number two social network to position yourself in the real estate sector and we are going to explain how you can gain followers and clients in an organic way:

1. A functional biography

The biography allows you in 150 characters to describe how your business works, so you must be strategic enough to successfully meet this goal. This is one of the most powerful social media strategies for real estate.

That is why we will teach you how to have a functional and informative biography so as not to let your prospects escape:

Your biography must have an indisputable call to action

What if the user likes everything they see and wants to go straight for it? Waiting in the inbox will seem boring to him, so you better have a link where he can communicate with you directly.

If you do not have a long description of your services with the link of WhatsApp Me it will be enough.
Now if you have a different WhatsApp link for each sales department, you’d better consider using a tool like linktree where you can add many contact links. In addition to the one on your website, which is essential.

Add your slogan

A slogan is not a secret complaint fixed in the mind of the consumer if it is potential. If you have not developed yours, then there will be a phrase with which you will refer a lot to your users through stories, live’s, among others.

These are ideal to add after the company name.

2. Capture the most potential images of the property

Make the most of the visual material and take care of taking pictures of the most impressive spaces in the place. So you can create publications like:

  • Top 5 of the best homes in Los Angeles.
  • 5 qualities that this property has and why it may be your best option.

Remember that the brain loves to digest practical titles and that they have a final promise, that you can fulfill. In addition, the images must be real and mainly taken by a professional.

3. Interactive and promotional videos

Instagram has the option of developing long videos that you can post on IGTV or very short and precise videos that are 60 minutes long. So it is your decision and obviously the content to promote.

As a real estate we recommend you to make the following videos:

Informational Videos

When you make a video entering the property, you make the user feel that he is part of this experience. In addition, he will be able to visualize how he would feel in that place and if it could finally be for him.

These types of videos are ideal for the client who is in the informational phase. They encourage him to make the decision to schedule a face-to-face appointment with the place and see if he feels the same way as evidenced in the video.

Testimonial or post-sale videos

The fact that you have a support network capable of suggesting through the experience lived with your business undoubtedly motivates other potential clients to make the decision to be part of your great family.

So if you have clients who are part of your family for a long time, feel free to plan a video testimonial.

Create events so that they know your real estate service

In the real estate sector, it is important to highlight the news of your business and how your team is formed to continue providing the best service. For this, do not hesitate to create a free webinars, a live with a specific theme, a question and answer section, among others.

Within the social media strategies for real estate, it could be said that LinkedIn is in the top one and we mention how you can position yourself as a real estate agent here.

3. Instagram Ads for real estate

Once you have already been in charge of creating a series of publications that strengthen your service in the real estate sector, you can go on to create paid advertising on your profile.

It is ideal to reach the ideal client that you want to connect with in your real estate. This service is important, but only if you have created enough content so that when the user clicks on your ad they have information to draw on.

3. Facebook for the real estate sector

Facebook has become the parent and interconnection social network of others such as Instagram. Being one of the oldest social networks, there are a lot of potential users looking for a new home to buy or rent.

For this you have to have all the tools in your favor and implement these strategies:

1. A Facebook page of your real estate company

Fan pages are like an appetizer of a web page, it is the first impression that the user of your business will take. For this you have to:

  • Have a promotional banner on the cover photo.
  • A profile photo that identifies your real estate business. It could be the isotype that identifies your brand.
  • A short description of your services.
  • Calls to action as contact number or link for WhatsApp.
  • If you already have a portfolio of clients, it would be good if you invited them to leave their comments regarding your service.

Also through the Facebook page when your business grows, you can use paid advertising not only for Facebook but also for Instagram.

2. Retargeting strategy for real estate

This is a classic on Facebook. Imagine that a client has seen one of your houses for sale and for some reason has left the publication. Either because he had to rush to a meeting or because he just wasn’t sure.

This option allows the ad to appear again to the interested user a couple of hours later, in order to stay in their mind for much longer.

Of course, for this strategy to take effect you must have at least one content described on your facebook page, a catalog of each of the available properties, reviews, and a contact number.

Because it will be useless if the user can go to your real estate publication if you do not have elements that generate trust.

3. Facebook Ads for real estate

Once your profile has reached reliability and has all the necessary information, it is ready for the next one, which is Facebook Ads.

Through a segmented campaign you can execute the following actions:

  • More likes or likes to your profile.
  • Send traffic to your Facebook page and consolidate more sales.

Also other more specific characteristics such as:

  • Ages included.
  • If you want a national or international scope.
  • A target audience that is divided by their profession.
  • Social and economic status.

This will bring you much closer to your ideal client profile and better segment your real estate content. Remember that we cannot always connect with everyone, much less satisfy their needs 100%.

The important thing is that your content reaches potential clients interested in renting or buying a property from your company.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Being part of this community is also extremely potential. Thus, if the user has not gone through your fanpage for various reasons, they will undoubtedly observe your services in the Marketplace.

Choose the real estate that you want to promote quickly. You can do it for free or paid if you want to reach a sector of specific people.

For the Marketplace to be effective you need to have Facebook Messenger enabled and if you have an entry chatbot to serve your customers much better.

4. Tik Tok as an innovative social network in real estate

This is the social network of the moment and it is a challenge for brands in this sector. Entrepreneurs still do not fully embrace the virtues of this social network. The truth is that you can generate a lot of reach and visibility if you use its resources effectively.

We mention some strategies that you can use in Tik Tok:

  • Create 60-second videos showing your rental or property. Similar to the strategies mentioned on Instagram in relation to promotional videos. 
  • Know the influencers that are on this platform and if they are adapted to the real estate sector. They could make a video from their profile describing why they should rent or buy your property. This can attract customers to your website. 
  • The most recommended thing is that you do not spend time and money on extra editors to the platform. At first it will be difficult but once you get the hang of it you can create great animated videos that will go viral in seconds.
  • You can adapt your videos that can remain formal and use the viral clues.

Final tips that you can use in social networks as a real estate

Do not focus on promoting content only and exclusively for new prospects: Sometimes we want to get more customers that we forget to continue to retain our regular customers. Remember that these are the matrix of your real estate business. Try to create mixed posts and interactions that allow you to attract new customers and remind your regulars that you have promotions for them.

Highlight the property: Many times your client will not have time to decide between a catalog of properties that you have to rent or sell, he wants to know why he should buy from you. So it is important that you highlight these unique qualities, one of the advantages also indicates highlighting its location.

Do not always believe that you talk to inexperienced clients: Many real estate companies take it as a mistake to believe that the potential client has no idea what they want in their property. So they use this to say a series of qualities that are not entirely true. If you run into a customer who knows about it, you will not only have lost a sale but the reputation of your business may be at stake.

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