Web Design for Psychologists

Let me guess…

If you have reached this blog and you are interested in web design for psychologists, you may find yourself in one of these situations:

  • You have a private practice and you want to give visibility to your business to get patients online.
  • You may not have a website yet and you are looking for a professional to create your page.
  • With this new situation, you would like to be able to give online consultations from your office or from home.
  • Perhaps you are at a point where you have made the website yourself and are looking for a slightly more professional design.
  • You want to have a website that attracts, that is beautiful and that has a spark.
  • Above all, you don’t want it to be like a forgotten business card in a drawer. You want your potential patients to see it and most importantly, make an appointment.

The first interaction with your patient comes long before their visit to your office.

On the Internet, it happens from the moment he lands on your website.

But probably, you are not the only office that is evaluating psychological treatment.

So if you want him to choose you, you must stand out among the others.

If your website sends feelings of calm, well-being and hope, the online patient will automatically associate it with their future self, the person they will become after treating with you.

Web Design for Psychologists

1. Domain and hosting

Before starting to create your website you must buy a domain and hosting.

The domain is the name of your page. I recommend using the name of your clinic or if you work alone, use your own name to brand.

For example google.com

Hosting is where your website will be hosted. It is a space that you buy to be able to hang your website.

I personally recommend you to buy the domain and hosting at Bluehost. I have this and other websites hosted there and I have never had any problems.

2. The perfect logo for a psychologist

Your website’s home page is the centerpiece of your business, and that’s where you’ll display your logo.

The logo must always be present on all pages. It should be bigger and more prominent on the home page because that’s what people see first when they visit your site.

3. The slogan for psychology

It only takes a few seconds for people to know that they are visiting the right website.

Your slogan should not go off the rails. It should simply and clearly communicate to potential clients the type of services you offer and what your therapy can do for them. Never talk about how good you are, focus on what your patients will get thanks to your therapies.

A good tip is that your slogan is inspiring. Use words in a positive way.

4. Easy navigation on a website

Generally, on websites for psychologists, people enter in a delicate emotional state. They enter looking for a solution to a problem they have, or that a loved one has. If a person who enters your website like this makes you more dizzy, you will be creating a barrier. Navigation, as part of web design for psychologists, must be clear, concise and without jargon.

User experience should be a priority in web design for psychologists and therapists.

We must ensure that the information is very clear with the navigation menu. Create a clean and simple structure for the navigation menu. Put only the essential pages and place the secondary ones within them.

Imagine how you have the files organized on your computer. A general folder, and other more specific ones inside.

In the following image you can see a complete menu. As you can see it is not a small menu, it has many items, but it is clear and direct. The information displayed is the information that should be displayed, the rest is in submenus.

5. Structure of the pages of your psychology website

Structure of the pages of your psychology website

Forget putting zillions of items on the menu. The only thing you will achieve is that when users access your website they get lost and go scared towards the competition.

I recommend structuring your website like this:

  • “About me” or “us” page to show the client that they are people trained and authorized to provide the service they offer. On many occasions, the curriculum or studies of each member of the team are included.
  • Services: Service pages can be targeted with different approaches. For example, there may be one for individual therapy, one for group therapy, and one for online or Skype therapy. The important thing is to convey to the user what each type of service consists of and what they have to do.
  • Blog: The blog is another of the elements that cannot be missing in the web design of a psychologist. If you are wondering how to advertise yourself as a psychologist, generating your own content is going to be the best tool to attract people interested in working with you.
  • Contact: The contact page or request a free first appointment can be approached in various ways. But the important thing is that there is a form through which the user can connect with the psychology team.

You can also optionally include an extra page with a Calendly calendar. In this way, users can book a first session with you by choosing the day and time that best suits them directly.

6. Have a blog within your website

Many professionals decide to entrust their web design for psychologists to a professional web programmer so that they can make their website based on code.

In this case, if you ask for a separate blog, it will connect your website to a WordPress or Blogspot blog where you can upload your content.

This is a blunder.

Explaining why would make the article very long, so simply, if you are going to commission your website, ask your designer to do it directly in WordPress.

7. Make it easy for your patients to contact you

Make it easy for your patients to contact you

Let’s say that your therapist website does its job and, consequently, your future patients want to contact you to request more information or book a time. If it is possible that they do not do it through an email, since the process is longer. Opening an email can be tedious. It makes customers uncomfortable because they have to open a separate page just to get in touch with you. Also, displaying your email address publicly is an easy way for scammers to target you and take up your time.

Better a form that is written from the web!

There are many other forms of contact such as a button that leads directly to WhatsApp or an online chat. You can put all the possible ways in a tab called “contact”. All these forms of contact are very easy to include in the web design of a psychologist, especially if you use WordPress.

There are also applications that allow your patients to book an appointment without you having to intervene in the process. This system will free you of time that you can dedicate to your therapies. These apps sync with your calendar and offer only free times to book. This is a very good and easy option for you and your patients.

8. Your website optimized for mobile

When planning web design for psychologists, this should be a priority. Everyone is on mobile and most web traffic comes from mobile. In fact, more than 60% of people use a mobile.

In other words, most people will visit a psychologist’s website from a mobile device.

Google has a tool that tests your website to verify if it is well optimized for mobiles. Here is the link to that tool.

9. SEO for psychologist websites

To put it simply, SEO is the way to convince search engines like Google to show your website when someone searches for keywords like “online therapist”, “psychologist in…” or “psychology center near me”. SEO is essential for your website because search engines are the best platforms to get visitors.

Keep in mind that behind SEO there is a long list of specifications (technical and not so technical) that a website for therapists must have well implemented.

In this link you can read more about SEO for psychologists.

  • Do you have the correct number of keywords displayed per page?
  • Do you use the right ALT tags for your images?
  • Do your page titles contain keywords?

It may be easier to hire a professional SEO specialist than psychologists and therapists. Investment in SEO is always a good business option.

Do it myself or hire a professional?

«Making a website yourself is thrown away»

Can you imagine yourself watching a tutorial on YouTube to change the timing belt of your car?

Can you imagine yourself doing that task?

I don’t know about you but I don’t.

Yes, I know that repairing your car is not the same as making a website.

But you have to think about one thing.

If you want to have a PROFESSIONAL website, a website that sells and gets you patients, there will be certain technical aspects that you will not know how to implement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t. Only that certain complications will arise that without the help of a professional or someone who knows, it will be difficult for you to overcome.

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