How to Design Corporate Identity That Makes an Impact on People

Today is the day of a great guide! Since I decided to dust off this scroll on how to design corporate identity that makes an impact on people. Here you will learn how to give your brand a real appeal through an attractive corporate identity. In addition, I will teach you some of the tricks of recognized brands to stay in the minds of your audience.

Maybe you ever wondered: How do big brands like MacDonalds, Coca-Cola, Apple, Ferrari, etc. make? to stay on the minds of your customers? What is your secret to designing an attractive corporate identity and aura behind them?

Although it is true that behind these great brands there is good quality, professionalism, good service, and more! There are hundreds of companies that offer the same products and services with the same quality and professionalism. Even better! But in the same way, the big brands continue to hold on and people continue to come to them as hypnotized or bewitched.

What is that secret behind those companies?

Google Corporate Identity Design

What is corporate identity and why does it impact people?

We cannot design a successful corporate identity if we do not have a precise concept of it. So it is necessary that you learn what we mean by corporate identity exactly.

Corporate identity is the secret behind the success of many of the great companies. It is the aura, energies, sensations, own experiences that a brand transmits just by seeing them speak them, smell them or feel them.

We can say that corporate identity is equal to that strange energy transmitted by the typical flirt friend we once had. Which seemed to us quite inexplicable and enigmatic.

However, among the jargon of designers and brand creators, designing a corporate identity is nothing more than creating the personality of a company. And that personality is composed of:

  1. Visual design elements: Web pages, advertising, posters, logos, design of physical spaces, presentation of products, etc.
  2. The differentiating values ​​of a company.
  3. Communication with your customers: Tones used, styles, formats in which you communicate (digital content, audios, videos), etc.
  4. Everything that involves the communication channels of our clients.
  5. The type of personnel that makes up the company.
  6. The roadmap carried out by the company, that is, its objectives.
  7. Emblems, phrases, symbols, heroes, etc.
  8. The corporate culture.

As we are seeing, designing a corporate identity is more than creating a logo for a company. In fact, visual design is only one part of the process of creating a corporate identity. Whereas designing a corporate identity is but one part of creating a brand.

However, it is an essential element, that knowing how to use it and combining it with quality can define the success of your company.

10 keys that big brands use to design an attractive corporate identity

I have used that somewhat sensational title to go along with what we believe so far. But the reality is that there is no magic, enigma, spell, etc. Behind the impact of big brands. There is a logical explanation for each success story. As we will see, our friend the flirt does not have any lucky charm.

The secret of the success of the brands lies in the fact that the consumer is moved more by passionate stimuli than by logical reasons. That is to say, more for the heart than for the reason.

Next I will explain the process you must follow to design an attractive corporate identity. Like many brands we know:

1. Start by getting to know your company deeply

This is the point that many of the brand designers evade, and where they usually fail. Since the objective of designing a corporate identity is to create an attractive personality for your clients. Which is the one to stay in their minds. And that in a certain way provides a perception of value to the public.

Therefore, designers must begin with a deep understanding of what their company really is. What does he really do, what feelings does your organization need to convey to its customers?

Additionally, it would be good before designing a corporate identity, to know how you want your brand to be perceived, what you want it to mean to the public.

By having these clear concepts you will have a more open mind and prepared to design a corporate identity.

It is also important to know what are the objectives that you have proposed as a company in the short, medium, and long term. And of course, how you want to achieve all this.

All this knowledge that you are acquiring about your brand must be reflected as parameters in a manual.

This manual will be called the corporate identity manual. And it will help define the parameters, guidelines that your brand uses in terms of designs. I strongly recommend that this manual be used when designing a corporate identity.

2. Get to know your customers

On the other hand, it is necessary to know in detail the type of people your company is aimed at:

How old are they, what do they do, what are the pains that prompt them to buy, as well as the pleasures. We also need to know their customs and traditions, where they are from, their problems, etc.

To conclude this point, I will say that it is also necessary that you know the place that your brand occupies in the market. In other words, the status of the brands that dominate your market. And accordingly, start designing the corporate identity of your company.

Some will think that this is not very necessary, however, despite being the longest way, it is the fastest. Since it will give us a more accurate vision of the ideal identity design for your brand.

It will also save us those unbearable hours in front of the computer, with a blocked and blank mind. And finally, it will prevent us from creating an outdated corporate design that does not serve your brand at all.

3. Start from the inside out

if we want different results we must do different things. Therefore, my recommendation when designing an attractive corporate identity for your company is that you work on an important element: the corporate culture.

That is the communication, values ​​, and policies that you usually handle within your company. The language used within it, how superiors communicate with subordinates. The professionalism in the relationships within that company will be reflected in the corporate identity.

A happy employee will work in a better frame of mind, and this will directly influence how he treats customers.

Although with all this I am not saying that the big brands are perfect at it. Because, of course, some have shortcomings in this area. However, the difference between a company with good relationships within it, always stands out from those that are not so advanced in this area.

Because despite the fact that quality is the basis of everything in identity and success. Good communication within your company is also necessary. Since having a good pleasant climate in it, we can access the next step.

4. Define the identity of communication with your customers

Communication in your company with suppliers and clients is also important – if not vital – defining when designing a corporate identity. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to define how you will communicate with your clients. This is vital when designing a corporate identity for your company.

This applies both to the support you give to your clients and to the tone use in your advertising. And of course, all this depends on the previous points. Since it is your clients who define how we will communicate with them.

Communication should focus on the type of audience you address and adapt to it. This in terms of personal communication as well as online communication. The tone and style used for it must always be consistent.

And when I mention communication styles, I mean the way we communicate as a company. And this “way” depends on what your company is, and who your clients are. Accordingly, you will define if you communicate with your clients in a fun, professional way, in technical terms, family, etc.

Communication identity with your customers
Communication identity with your customers

5. Use different content formats

This style must also transcend the images and videos with which we communicate. Because it should be noted that it is the visual content that causes the greatest impact on your audience and customers.

The use of professional and original videos and images makes a good impression on the people who interact with your brand. And if that content is accompanied by stories, we can make really great impressions. An example of this is what BMW does on its website. A true example of Marketing based on Storytelling.

In addition, communication must be used to listen to your customers. And to know what they think of your brand. This will give us valuable feedback and a constant path for daily improvement.

6. Create an ideal corporate graphic design for a company

I have left this point among the last ones because even though it is the most important, it is better to work on it after the previous points. Well, in this way we will have many more ideas and clearer definitions for your brand.

1. Logo design

The logo, that is, the set of main symbols made up of letters, images, signs, or colors, is the main identifier of your company. This logo must be legible and reflect in those few pixels what your company is.

Very easy to say, but:

How do you achieve a logo that makes an impact on your clients?

An ideal logo must also be responsive. What is the same as adaptable in different scales and formats, maintaining its essence. In addition, this type of design must be reducible, until it is a single tiny symbol, which represents the brand.

Ultimately, the smallest representation of your company logo ends up serving as the favicon of your website. Or on a mobile app icon.

It must also be taken into account that when designing a corporate identity for your company, the graphic design of your logo must be adaptable.

This does not mean that it has to be changeable. Companies like Google adapt their logos according to different contexts. But this does not mean that they change their main design.

1. The ideal corporate graphic design

An ideal corporate graphic design should be timeless. In other words, adaptable but at the same time durable over time. The constant changes in the logo of your company is a symptom of the lack of direction of a company. And it’s repulsive to customers.

The designs that make an impact are also unique and quite different from the competition. Check out the Skype or MacDonald logo design. These designs are unique, in their line. And they are very easy to remember for this reason, because their uniqueness sets them apart and stands out.

Also, a logo should not be obvious. For example, if your business is a barbershop, your logo does not necessarily have to include scissors. It is best if your logo tries as much as possible to provide a perception of value. And in the case of the hairdresser, this would be a graphic representing a well-defined beard and/or mustache. Or the refreshing logos of drinks for thirst.

3. Make use of a slogan

On the other hand, your logos can have slogans that define your company. This can be done when your logo does not clearly define what the company is about. Similarly, a slogan should communicate to your audience a sense of value for your company.

The slogan can be a short phrase summarizing the qualities of the product and service. Or just a two-word description that defines what our company is about.

It is also important, when designing a corporate identity and designing your slogan, take into account that.

7. The truth about colors when designing your corporate identity

The truth is that when designing a corporate identity, the colors you use for it will directly influence your sales. That is why we must really define what meaning colors have for your brand. And according to the nascent identity of your company, what are the appropriate colors to use in it.

On the other hand, it is also extremely necessary to define the meanings that colors have on your clients. Since the colors are usually defined differently in each of the regions. For example, in Venezuela, the color red (which in other places means passion) there tends to be interpreted with the political context of the country. So far from passionate, red is controversial.

So it is extremely important to take this into account, before defining the colors that represent your company. However, I will try to define them and how the big brands use them.

1. The feelings that colors convey

Red: It is used by brands to make an impact with aggressive offers. In general, these offers that use the color red are designed for compulsive buyers. And it is not for nothing, because red actually does convey passion.

Blue: It is a color that transmits calm and confidence. We usually associate it with the sky and the sea. It is widely used in personal hygiene items such as toothpaste. We also see it in technological products because it transmits innovation.

Yellow: It is a color used in different advertisements to get the attention of your customers since it is a striking color. Despite the fact that some people say it bothers them to see too much yellow. MacDonalds use them very well.

2. The color orange and its meaning in Marketing

On the other hand, the color orange is often used in vitamins, soft drinks, and energy products. Since like the fruits with the same name, it represents health, hydration, and vitality.

Purple: It is not a very popular color in Marketing, however some products that convey spirituality and mystery tend to use it.

Pink: Although it has already become a unisex color, pink is a children’s color preferred by female childhood. It is therefore widely used in toys and products for girls.

White: This is perhaps one of the most recommended colors in Marketing. Well, white represents and transmits purity and confidence.

Black: Used for fashion campaigns, perfumeries, and watches. It transmits status, masculinity, rebellion, enigma, drama, etc.

Brown: Brown is a color widely used in liquors since it conveys classicism. In addition to the comfort conveyed by environments made of wood.

Pastel colors: On the other hand, pastel and cream colors also stand out, which are quite used in the background of online stores. This perhaps because of the confidence they convey, like white.

8. Design an attractive website

Web page designs are key when designing a corporate identity for your company. Due to the constant increase in online sales, web pages have become an essential requirement for businesses.

A website is interpreted by your clients as the CVs of an unemployed person. And although they don’t exactly represent us, the public tends to judge us according to them. If you don’t have a professional web design, you may be losing out on a lot of sales and clients. Since Internet users are used to visiting elegant and useful websites.

With a professional online site you will achieve excellent results for your projects, and even for your pockets. Customers crave the ability to access their desired products and services in a couple of clicks.

Big brands take this from websites very seriously. A clear example of this is the Apple website. Which quite elegant, fast, and practical.

The good thing is that a web design is cheap and in a short time you can recoup the investment you make in it. In addition, there are thousands of professionals who offer this service with high quality and at a great price.

In your case, we can provide an elegant website for your business, which your audience likes and with which you get multiple clients.

9. Design of advertising, packaging, landing pages, signage and more

The design of corporate identity also includes the design of advertising, content for social networks, and other online channels. In addition, the presentation that surrounds your products is also included.

A tip at this point is that all graphic design should be consistent with the colors and main style of the brand. That is why the use of a corporate identity manual is more than vital for your company. Well, according to him, we can guide ourselves and be consistent in each of your designs for your brands.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the design of your business cards is of the utmost importance. Since with it, it is possible to make very good impressions.

A good business card is like the best of ties: It doesn’t make you a better person but it helps you make yourself respected.

Another point worth mentioning in this area is the signage of your company. Especially when it comes to commercial premises. In these contexts, all symbols and visible spaces will reflect the identity of your company.

10. Hire a professional to design the corporate identity of your company

As you see, designing the corporate identity of a company is a monumental job, which demands professionalism.

However, there are plenty of professionals willing to do so.

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