Complete Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy for Architects

The following Digital Marketing strategy for architects are aimed at professionals, freelancers, and companies. If you want to sell yourself as an architect or want to publicize an architecture company, the following information will help you to be successful on the internet.

1. What is digital marketing for architects?

It is the process and methodology that covers the promotion and sale of your professional services. For this, we use digital tools such as social networks, online advertising, and SEO. That is the positioning and visibility through search engines.

Every day, people prefer to hire professionals and services through the internet. So an adequate online presence and a successful digital marketing strategy will help you win over online customers.

My decision to bring you a series of guidelines to follow to put together an effective digital marketing strategy for architects.

Let’s see it one by one!

2. Do market research

Like any effective marketing plan, digital marketing for architects requires in-depth market research. Which can give a broad vision and lead us to know what the demands are in the architecture market.

Knowing the demand in the architecture market will allow you to develop attractive proposals to subsequently approach managers.

Defining your buyer persona will also help a lot in the development and approach of an effective digital marketing plan for architects. That is, define the profile with the characteristics of those people who would be your customers.

In addition, define yourself as a professional (or company) what your objectives are and define your place in the industry. What needs do you cover in the market? How do you differ from other professionals?

1. Is it worth hiring a marketing professional?

Of course! A marketing professional will be able to direct your company or projects on the correct paths that lead to great visibility. It can also help you save a lot of time and work, and give you a better chance of success.

But you should know that having only the advice of a professional will not guarantee your success. It is also necessary a commitment on your part, and in this case, the company.

In this context, it is worth noting that the goal of marketing is to publicize the benefits of your services and persuade your customers to buy them. As well as marketing them correctly and achieving customer loyalty. Besides that, a marketing campaign is not enough. Rather, it is necessary to increase the benefits and the quality of the service that is sold.

2. Create a roadmap with your goals

architecture roadmap
Creating a roadmap with objectives and goals in mind is one of the first steps to achieve what you want.

On the other hand, a digital marketing strategy for architects should also help you define where you are at this precise moment. And it must also put in writing who we are:

Who are you? Where are you going? What are your short, medium, and long-term goals? These are the first questions your plan must answer.

It is necessary to emphasize that it is also essential to define the resources that we have available to carry out this task:

How much money to carry out your plans? ? How much time can you spend promoting your services or company? What knowledge and information do you have on hand?

Finally, it will be necessary to put on paper all the actions to be carried out to achieve each of the objectives.

Many professionals question the usefulness of a roadmap. And they are unaware of the power of focus that having each of the steps we need to take to achieve our goals has on paper.

3. Create an attractive brand

To create a great digital marketing strategy for architects, you need to create a personal brand. And that this is attractive and transmits professionalism. Also, build trust in the people who know your brand.

If you are going to be a freelancer or if you want a large company to hire you, then you will need to have an attractive personal brand.

A personal brand is nothing more than that own seal that will identify you and make you stand out above other professionals. It is to create your own style and translate it into the digital world. Optimize it and make it stand out among the thousands of professionals like you.

For this, you will have to work in your online presence and make yourself known on the internet to thousands of people in your sector. Also, try to position your name in Google search results. Precisely this post is also aimed at the concept of personal branding.

If you are going to create a brand for an organization or company, you must define very well the objectives and values ​​of the organization. Also, be sure of the tone, values ​​, and emotions that you want to convey through the said brand.

Luckily we have already talked completely about this topic and you will be able to know it in depth in my post: How to design corporate that impacts our clients.

4. The importance of a website in digital Marketing strategy for architects

importance of website for architecture
A professional website helps attract customers.

The best tool you will have in your Digital Marketing strategy for architects will be your own professional website. Well, nowadays people usually look at a website a lot to measure the professionalism of the company or staff they will hire.

A website with a professional and attractive design where you can express your profession will help you sell yourself more. In it you can develop the concept of a personal brand if you are independent. And the concept of corporate identity if you want to promote a company.

It will be like an office which will be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


1. How exactly does a website help to sell your services?

1) A website can give you visibility on Google, so that whoever does a search such as, for example, ” hire an architect in x city “. It is achieved with your web page in the first results of Google and that way it can contact you.

2) On a web page you can add a strategy to attract customers and sell your services. You can use good resources such as sales pages, calls to action, and even email marketing.

3) You can associate your social networks with your website and start promoting yourself through them. Thus, the traffic that you forward from your social networks to your website meets your marketing strategies.

4) You can make use of a blog, that is, space where you can write and share quality information. With the help of this blog you can gain visibility and show your professionalism through the content you share.

2. And how do I get a website from that category?

The shortest way in your digital marketing strategy for architects is to ask for the help of a professional in web design. For example, at My Team we have helped quite a few Architects through our catalog of exclusive web pages for architects.

5. Content strategy for architects

Content strategy for architects
With a content strategy for architects you will attract potential clients to your website,

Through a website, blog, and social media you can gain visibility to promote and sell your services. These digital tools will be your allies in the search and acquisition of clients.

But it is worth noting that there is another very important and essential element in a digital marketing strategy for architects: content. Since as Bill Gates said:

Content is king

Quality content shared through a blog can, for example, give you visibility through Google. While in the case of social networks, people will be able to share and spread your content and give you greater visibility.

For now, let’s mention some guidelines for creating quality content:

  1. Create quality content: Related to your knowledge and share them through your blog.
  2. Share original images: You can create infographics, and original images to share on your social networks. Remember to add a watermark to it.
  3. Audiovisual content: Few people make themselves known through video content. So do not hesitate to include them in your social networks.
  4. Other content formats: E-books, audios, surveys, etc.

6. Social media networks for architects

Social media for architects
Social networks are excellent allies for architects

Should not be missing in your digital marketing strategy for architects. Since from there you can attract customers, give your brand visibility, and redirect traffic to your website.

What is the most valuable social media for architects?

  1. LinkedIn: This social network is perhaps one of the best for your digital marketing strategy for architects. LinkedIn is the largest social media for professionals that exists. With the use of its search engine, there you can connect directly with professionals related to your niche.
  2. Facebook: with the largest social media that exists, you will have the possibility of connecting with a large number of professionals interested in your services. To start gaining visibility you will need to make use of groups related to your theme. It is recommended that you make use of a Fanpage and with the help of related groups, promote the content you publish.
  3. YouTube: It is believed that by 2023 80% of the most consumed content will be audiovisual. This makes perfect sense since it is the content transmitted by video is very easy to come by.
  4. Other social media: There are quite a few social media, however, I recommend using only those that you can manage and keep active through quality content. It won’t do to have hundreds of social profiles if you don’t manage them all and feed them with content.

7. SEO for architects

SEO should not be lacking in a digital marketing strategy for architects. Well, it is SEO that will allow us to position ourselves in Google and allow people to find us through the results.

To do this, we must ask ourselves and answer ourselves: What are people looking for in Google regarding architecture? How do professionals hire an architect through Google?

Intuition is a tool that will help you visualize the path to reach customers through your marketing strategy. And discover those professionals who are looking for architects in your city.

Or we can also use other practical tools such as the Google search engine itself, which will give you an overview of how other professionals position themselves.

There is another tool that is a great ally to know what people are looking for: Google’s keyword planner. With which you will know what they are looking for in your locality regarding architecture.

There is also Google My Business which will give you visibility through Google maps.

8. Promote yourself through paid digital advertising

Paid advertising can be a direct tool for reaching customers. With it, you can achieve a lot of visibility without the effort required to position organically. However, it should be noted that paid advertising also requires an adequate strategy.

Let’s see the three most used online advertising media:

1. Google Ads: It is Google’s advertising system. With it, you will pay to appear on the first page of Google results. It works by positioning the Keyword you want to attract visits to your website.

For example, we can choose the keyword: ” Los Angeles Architect ” so that your website appears in the first results of whoever searches for that keyword in Google. It also works as an auction and ad optimization.

1. Facebook Ads: The Facebook advertising system is also an excellent option to make yourselves known and attract customers. And best of all: we can segment your audience very well to show ads only to the type of audience that interests you.

For example, you can segment by age, gender, region, communities that your potential customers follow, and much more!

1. Related digital media: This is a type of advertising little used in digital marketing for architects. But it can pay off. It is about looking for other websites related to the subject of architecture that has some authority. Therefore, ask them to rent you a space to advertise.

9. Other Marketing Tips for Architects

Not everything is digital marketing, other actions can be carried out outside the digital field, which helps us to get customers. And regarding that, some extra tips that I will give are:

Keep in mind that referrals and recommendations are the most effective source of clients. So a Networking strategy would not go bad at all. Networking can bring you great benefits both for your profession and for your life.

In relation to the previous point, training workshops, meetings, events, and business forums are ideal for getting clients.

Advertise in print magazines specialized in architecture or related to that subject. It can be expensive, however, it is an effective strategy to make yourselves known. Taking into account that magazine subscribers are usually people really interested in the subject.

If you have an office, work on giving it an unforgettable appearance. In addition to providing her with sweets, coffee, tea, and whatever is necessary to comfort your customers.

10. Conclusion on digital marketing for architects

Digital marketing is an effective tool for all types of professionals. With it, we can reach potential customers. However, an investment of dedication and time is necessary.

On the other hand, the help of professionals falls very well on this type of website. Well, they prevent certain mistakes and help you get results faster.

My team is dedicated to that, And we can help you grow your project through the quality of digital services:

  • Corporate Design
  • Professional Web Design
  • Explainer Videos
  • Digital Marketing And Much More!

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