Email Marketing For Lawyers

Email marketing for lawyers is a very effective tool for a firm to be close to its clients. It consists of your prospects voluntarily giving you their email and giving you permission to communicate with them by this means. If the information you send them is of value, your reputation will grow and they will trust you more and more.

Email marketing for lawyers is profitable

The average open rate of an email marketing campaign is 17.81%, according to MailChimp, in the legal market it is 22.49%. The key that will make your emails open more is in the interest that the content you send to your subscribers arouses. Before sending an email, put yourself in the place where you received it and think if it will be useful or not.

Although the opening of your emails is less than 25%, email marketing is one of the marketing tools with the highest return on investment. You invest in obtaining the email of a prospect and once you have obtained it, the promotion and sale actions on them have residual costs: the monthly cost per email managed on a platform like Getresponse is less than 1.2 cents.

Email marketing allows you to measure your campaigns at all times

Email marketing platforms give you accurate statistics on:

  • How many people have received the mail.
  • How many people have opened the mail.
  • Percentage of people who have clicked on each of your links.
  • Geographical distribution of the people who have received your emails and their behavior.
  • Behavior of individual users in the face of the different emails received.

Reach your ideal customer with segmented shipments

You can automate responses based on the behavior of your subscribers. For example, you can make specific shipments depending on whether or not a certain email is opened, or according to the link where you click.

If you have different customer profiles, for example, if you work with the end customer and with companies, you can make different shipments depending on the recipient. The language and content to send will be very different in each case. It is important that you tag your contacts to make a good segmentation.

If you want to take into account the behavior of users on the web in your segmentation, you will have to use marketing automation for lawyers.

5 Tips for effective email marketing

Finally, I leave you five tips so that the email marketing that you carry out in your office is effective:

  1. Plan each email sent , never improvise. If you can, create a diagram with the sequence of emails for each type of subscriber, the more you plan, the more benefits you will have.
  2. Look for quality rather than quantity. The results of your email marketing campaigns will depend on the quality of your list, it is important that you carry out a segmentation prior to capturing the contact. You are not interested in any subscriber but only those who may be interested in your legal services.
  3. Take care of the details. Think carefully about each subject, what you write in the body of the message, the photographs you include and add a call to action.
  4. Choose the appropriate segmentation. Don’t send your campaigns to all your subscribers. Think about who of your subscribers will be interested in your email before sending it.
  5. Measure the results of your campaign. Take advantage of all the statistical information provided by your email marketing platform and draw conclusions. It will help your campaigns to be more and more effective.

For a client to hire a lawyer, they need to know him well. Email marketing is the perfect tool for a lawyer to increase his reputation with his prospects and go from being just another lawyer to the lawyer who will solve their legal problems.